BlaqPaks are designed, engineered and manufactured under one roof in SE Portland, Oregon. Guaranteed for life because we wouldn’t make them any other way. Customizable because they’re all made to order, from scratch.

We believe that a bag should be able to endure being thrown on the ground, kicked to the curb, ridden through a rainstorm, sprayed with a line of road grime, and over-stuffed with sharp objects. For year after year after year after year. Clean design and a handsome finish are just as important. A bag should look as good as it is fits, and be as personal to its owner as it is durable – whether that means custom graphics, unlimited colorways, or all-blaq.

We will always make all our products in-house to ensure that our standards are always met. How do we do it? Old school, D.I.Y. determination and passion for the products we make. This is our livelihood. It’s about riding daily. It’s even about crashing, sometimes. But it’s always about getting back in the saddle.