Grand Opening June 14th


We’ll be celebrating 7 years and the Grand Opening of our new store and workshop on Saturday, June 14th!

Our 7th anniversary sale starts at 10am & the party starts at 7pm. We’ve got a few things up our sleeve, including:

Live screen-printing featuring screens by Rx SkullsSkam, Dr. Rasterbator, Voxx Romana and Gadzoox. Bring a shirt to get printed! We’ll get started at 7pm and keep printing for the rest of the day.

Open mural wall, bring your own art or post up one of our friends pieces for them. Everyone’s welcome but it’ll be indoors so if you paint you can’t spray it (this time).

Wolfgang sfx and Matt Schlosky will be drawing caricatures starting at 7, you definitely can’t miss out on this.

Live music at 6pm and a DJ set beginning at 7.

Raffle drawing at the end of the night, make sure to stop in and sign up anytime on Saturday! Someone is going home with some stenciled posters from Rx, Skam, Rasterbator and Voxx; these are never for-sale and are generally un-obtainable, except for this raffle. We’ll also have sticker packs, blaqpaks goods and a few surprises to win.

We’ll tap a keg around 6 and have some snacks & n/a beverages too. We’ll be drawing the raffle after 10pm and ending the night with a ride, leaving from blaqpaks by 11.

Join the FB event here!