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Cetma Canopy


Cargo bikes: like elegant wooden boats for the road, you can load them full of groceries, children, or dogs and glide home, dashingly.

Unless it rains, in which case you’re sailing with wet wheat, a damp scamp, and a soggy doggy.

Our Cargo Bike Canopies protect your precious cargo from rain or shade. We have designs to fit a variety of stock boxes, and we can make a custom design to fit other models or even something you made yourself.

Two flexible poles hold up a big three-panel bubble of dryness, and spreader bars keep the structure rigid against the wind. Snap off the marine-grade fasteners, and the poles spring the canopy open like a car’s hatchback to get cargo in and out easily.

Light, durable, weatherproof, simple. Available for both Cetma Largo and Margo.